Huntsman PU Division Recognizes D.B. Becker as Distributor of the Year

March 22, 2018

Huntsman Corporation's Polyurethanes Division has recognized D.B. Becker, a Maroon Group LLC Company, as its 2017 Distributor of the Year. This is the third, consecutive year that D.B. Becker has achieved this prestigious award. The award was presented to D.B. Becker at the World of Concrete Conference in Las Vegas on January 25.

"We're delighted to receive this award for the third year running, especially in a year where the U.S. MDI market was blighted by some real shortages in supply," William Nicholas, D.B. Becker's Vice President of Sales, Eastern Region, said. "Our ability to thrive despite these conditions is a testament to both Huntsman's position as the North American leader in MDI, and to the value that our collective efforts bring to our customers, Creating Customer Success by delivering consistent and reliable supply even under the most challenging situations."

"Our management team cannot express how so very proud we are of the mutual efforts across multiple corporate platforms," Daniel Canavan III, Vice President, Principal Management - CASE, said. "From our highly valued Huntsman Polyurethane colleagues, D.B. Becker Sales, Operations, and Customers Service teams ... the relationship built is nothing short of magnificent."

About D.B. Becker
D.B. Becker is a distributor of specialty resins, additives, pigments, and packaging, with operations based in Clinton, NJ. Founded in 1954, D.B. Becker has built an outstanding reputation in the specialty chemical distribution industry and has a legacy of strong supplier and customer relationships through its technical product knowledge, outstanding service, and consistent performance. D.B. Becker supplies customers with an extensive portfolio of specialty raw materials from strategically located warehousing facilities throughout the Eastern Seaboard.

About Maroon Group LLC
Maroon Group is one of the fastest growing specialty chemical distributors in North America. Maroon Group is comprised of several regional operating companies focused on specific markets and geographies, which include D.B. Becker, Maroon, Lincoln Fine Ingredients, Cadence Chemical, U.S. Chemicals, CNX Distribution, Addipel, and Polyram USA.  Each operating company leverages a common infrastructure of industry leading technology, value-add services, global sourcing & logistics network, and a commitment to Creating Customer Success®.