Why Maroon?

We partner with world-class manufacturers, deliver exceptional service, and supply consistent products on time ... and we have the statistics to prove it. 

Consistent … in what matters.

Why should you partner with a company like Maroon? We were interested in learning why customers in our industries choose the suppliers that they do so we engaged a research firm to conduct a double blind market survey to speak to existing customers and companies that we’d like to do business with. They asked lots of questions about the attributes of suppliers that are most important. The survey’s overwhelming response was consistency … specifically consistent product, consistent delivery, and consistent supply. These are three areas in which Maroon excels. We matched the attributes from this survey to five years of Maroon operational data and found outstanding results. See below why Maroon is consistent … in what matters.

Consistent Products 

Out of the 15,487 orders we shipped in 2017, 26 orders (less than .1%) had a product-related complaint. These 26 issues either related to the product being out of spec, contamination, delivery, or paperwork. When you buy products from Maroon Group, you can feel assured that they will meet the agreed specifications. 


million pounds shipped in 2017


product-related complaint for every 596 orders

Consistent Delivery

How good are we from a delivery standpoint? Statistics show 99.9% order entry and order fulfillment accuracy in 2017. If we receive an order from a customer and enter it into our system accurately, the customer can be confident the order will be shipped correctly.


of “immediate shipment” orders were delivered in less than 48 hours


of orders were delivered on time and in full in 2017

Consistent Supply

Because customers want to be able to buy the same product from us today, in 6 months, or a year from now, continuity of supply is critical. In 2017 we imported more than 49 million pounds of specialty chemicals (135,000 pounds daily). Maroon Group can insulate you from all of the instability in global supply chains and deliver products on the day you want them.


Days inventory on hand


Back-order rate for past 6 years